Join In

Small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

Go solo or partner with others to make sure everyone in your community feels like they belong.

Listen to a homily about belonging.
Ask your local library to create a list of children's books that tell stories of belonging and inclusion.
Donate books with stories of belonging and inclusion to a local school.
Hear a sermon about belonging.
Learn about why we all need to feel like we belong.
Make a playlist of songs that speak to creating a more welcoming world and share with others. Follow this link to find easy steps for creating and sharing your new playlist.
Record an interview remotely with someone who has made you feel like you belong and share!
Send a note to a new neighbor or colleague asking to connect for coffee.
Set up a text thread with your neighbors to stay connected.
Using social media - run a 5-day story on how you are creating belonging in your community. Share using the hashtag #belongingbeginswithus
Write a 10 word 'story' that describes what 'belonging' means to you and share it on social media using #BelongingBeginswithUs
Ask your faith leader to give a sermon about belonging.
Build a little free library in your yard and share your stories of belonging with people in your neighborhood.
Invite a friend from a different background to cook with you to teach you how to make their favorite food.
Join a book club that commits to learning about new people, places and ideas and makes you feel like you belong.
Join a dog walking group and get to know other dog owners in your community.
Join a guided conversation with people who hold different viewpoints.
Record a short video clip, celebrating a friend, neighbor or colleague who has made you feel welcome. Share using the hashtag #belongingbeginswithus
Seek out mentoring opportunities at your local YMCA and give someone the gift of belonging.
Set up a virtual recipe exchange in your community.
Say hello to someone new when walking your dog.
Put a sign in your yard that makes others feel welcome.
Write a welcoming card for a new person in your work or home community telling them you're glad they're here.
Check out Girls Inc and see how you can connect to and support young, emerging leaders.
Attend a virtual Civic Saturday event to connect with other engaged citizens.
Explore resources from the Stuttering Foundation to learn more and support those who stutter.
Send good wishes to an acquaintance or co-worker on their religious holiday.
Explore the work of Braver Angels and consider having conversations with those who see the world differently than you.
Join a musical meetup in your community and connect to other music lovers.
Get involved with your local Habitat for Humanity and do good while meeting your neighbors.
Meet up with local photographers to share tips, techniques, and experiences.
Invite a group of friends together and create care package items for first responders, military members and our Veterans.
Take the Pledge to Listen and learn how you can become a deeper listener for your friends, family, and community.
Visit your local Catholic Charities to find ways that you can take action to support your community.
Invite a friend from a different background to attend a virtual cooking class with you.
Find a local Mom Group Meetup to connect with other mothers in your area.
Join your local running club and make new friends while getting your cardio in.
Join a sports-league at your local YMCA and meet others in your community.
Invite your co-workers to participate in a local One Warm Coat drive in your community.
Explore Make America Dinner Again and consider hosting your own bridging dinner.
Get involved in your local Rebuilding Together chapter and help revitalize your community.
Gather with community members who enjoy journaling to learn about each other's lives, experiences and background.
Learn about the WEAVE project and join their efforts to build connections in communities.
Join your local hiking group and make new friends in your community.